An Exclusive Free Lesson by Tiffany Anne Smith

About Absorption


"Absorption is the key to good nutrition."

I’ll never forget the day I heard that from my advanced human metabolism professor. It was a lightbulb moment for me.

That's when I realized that too many dieters make the fatal mistake of ignoring the critical lifestyle habits that destroy or improve how their body uses the food they eat. Without first priming your body to accept the raw energy from whole food & use it well, you’re wasting precious time and money.

Watch About Absorption & learn how the everyday things you may be ignoring are seriously harming your health. 

In service & science, Tiffany Anne Smith

Here’s What You’ll Learn

What is digestion & absorption, and how they're regulated
How a healthy gut regulates your nervous & immune systems
How unchecked emotions divert critical
blood flow away from absorption,
critically weakening it's function
How a distracted mindset can impair absorption up to 80%
How sleeping less than 6 hours a night impairs absorption 25%
How absorption improves after just one bout of exercise
How to create a failproof lifestyle that naturally strengthens high-impact habits over time